Sasakwa, Oklahoma/Happy Birthday Grandma Jessie

Happy Birthday today. in her honor I’m posting the Garrison Keillor lyrics/poem that she said reminded her of her home town Sasakwa, Oklahoma. She said “when I read that I could just bawl.”

One More Spring in Minnesota

One more spring in Minnesota
To come upon Lake Wobegon
Old town, I smell the coffee
If I could see you one more time

That long, long time is always on my mind
I’m just a stranger with memories of days of long ago
Could it have been forty years since then
What happened to us? I’d like to know.

That yard, that tree – you climbed it once with me
We talked of cities we’d live in someday
I left, old friend, and now I’m back again
Please say you missed me since I went away

One more time, this dance together
Just you and I, now don’t be shy
This time, I know I’ll hear the music
If you would hold me one more time

Post Office in Sasakwa where my Great Aunt worked.


3 thoughts on “Sasakwa, Oklahoma/Happy Birthday Grandma Jessie

  1. Sean

    Dear Sterlin,

    Just came across this, and it’s about 5yrs old, but I’m hopeful you’ll reply.

    My dad was born in Sasakwa in 1925, when did your grandmother live there?




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