Another This Land video

I shot this video some months back. I don’t remember exact dates… though, I’m sure I could find it if I did some investigating. I was driving in downtown Tulsa one morning and saw Jimmy walking down the sidewalk. It was obvious he was living on the streets. I had been pretty fascinated with the homeless Indian population in Tulsa, there’s something so sad and beautiful about the whole thing.  I would find myself parked and watching them hang out. They hung out like “regular people”, or like my family would around the kitchen, drinking coffee. It seemed like they had a community… at the time I was feeling like I didn’t have that (community) in Tulsa, so I was going back home a lot to Holdenville. I was a little jealous of what they had. Then, I’d snap out of it and tell myself that they were living on the streets and my life was pretty damn comfortable in comparison. Like I always do I turned my fascination into wanting to make a video or something. Once I started working for This Land Press I kept my eye open for the opportunity to interview an Indian living on the streets.  So, this particular morning I saw Jimmy and pulled over to him and asked, “Hi, are you Indian?” To which he replied, “Yes sir, I’m full-blood Cherokee.”  He let me interview him.  in exchange I gave him a winter coat that I was given as a director at the Sundance Film Festival. Since this video came out we’ve been blown away with the outpouring of people that write in to say that they were touched by Jimmy’s story.  A man from Minnesota has even offered to start Jimmy a bank account and help him get on his feet.  That’s amazing.